Run font creator from eclipse, without SDK install?

Hey everyone:

I have eclipse set up with JME 3.5.2 installed through Maven.

I want to use the font creation tool, but apparently that is part of the SDK.
The installer for the SDK is 800MB and where I currently am has spotty Internet.
It will take too long to download, I might not even get it to work.

I might already have most of the code in my current install.
Is there a way launch the font creation tool from eclipse?


Is there a reason you want to use the SDK’s font creator instead of the better font creation tools that are already separate (Hiero and BMFont).

The SDK font creation tool is convenient if you are already using the SDK but it is not a full-featured tool on its own.

Yes - it’s because I don’t know any better. I was speculating I might already have most of the code in the JME3 library that I already have installed. I will look into those tools.