Run on Android

Sorry if such a question already existed, I could not find a solution. Can someone give an up-to-date link to the resource how to step-by-step connect and launch the application on android?

Im not Android developer, so sorry if i provide wrong resource.

But here is something on wiki:

Not up-to-date, but perhaps helpful anyway:

Thanks for answers but all this information is currently not relevant, if there is one person who makes games for android in JME, can explain me how it works? Now it is possible make normal game for android in this engine. I am only begin to learn this IDE

Hey, I might not be the 100% best guy to answer this question, but I got some experience in Android, so let me see if I can help you out! :smile: I’ve actually asked a similar question back when I started to get into Android.

I use Android Studio to make applicatiosn on the jMonkeyEngine, and as stated in the previous thread, you will have to set it up by adding jMonkeyEngine libraries. Now, luckily, there are a few kind fellows who already done that work, which published their sample projects online.

Heres an example of one I used before on Github, but there are plenty of other ones you can find. They all get the job done on setting the jMonkeyEngine on android.

So, if you either manually add the dependencies in the build.gradle file, or used the template I’ve provided, you would open that project in Android Studio. If you used the templates, take note, there is probably going to be lots of notifications for updates and changes in the code, mainly because it’s being a version, so you might have to download many new versions.

Once you finally gotten all of that stuff out of the way, you would have your project working.

Quick basic rundown on what’s in store, in the template, you have the app module, the core module and the desktop module. I wouldn’t worry too much about the desktop module, as it’s isn’t truly important in this case.

The two important ones is the core module and the app module. The core module has the main java file, where you would do jMonkeyEngine related things. The app module contains many important aspects, such as the assets for your project, a build.gradle, icon files for the apk, and overall Android related aspects.

The build.gradle is very important, because that is where you set info for your project. If you want to add libraries to use, go into the build.gradle in the PROJECT folder, not the app module build.gradle, and compile libraries into the project.

That’s really all I can tell you, as long as you gather knowledge for both the jMonkeyEngine and Android Gradle, you’ll get a good headstart into jme3 android! :smiley:


Thank you:)