Running A jME Program in Browser

Hello guys,

I am thinking of using jME to make simple 3D advergames, but I don't know if it's possibile to run jME programs in a browser as an applet. Can I make an applet using jME? If so, could you indicate a tutorial showing how to do that, cause I have no idea how to do it. Thanks in advance.

it is possible, but i would rather go for webstart instead of applets.

You can create a java application like any other desktop application, and start it through a simple link on the web page.

Its much more flexible than a applet.

I'd run it in an applet. They work pretty much as well as web start does, since the Applets in the new Java are better.

Still, remember that applets are usually limited to the default JVM memory settings (65 MB for the heap IIRC).

For small games that shouldn't be a problem, I reckon.