Running jME from the nightly builds, dependencies?

I’m using a build tool for Clojure, kind of like Maven, that I was using to download jME from some repo some guy setup.

These are the things I downloaded with the build tool:

[com.jme3/jmonkeyengine3 “3.0.0-SNAPSHOT”]

[com.jme3/lwjgl “3.0.0-SNAPSHOT”]

[com.jme3/lwjgl-natives “3.0.0-SNAPSHOT”]

[com.jme3/oggd “3.0.0-SNAPSHOT”]

[com.jme3/vorbisd “3.0.0-SNAPSHOT”]

But I needed to update jME, so I uploaded jME to a repo myselt. But only the jmonkeyengine3.jar I found in nightly build. What are those other things? I noticed that they are needed. And where can I find updated versions of them if I ever need to?

Just run a build or download the nightly zip, then you get all libs you need in the lib folder.