Running JMonkeyEngine for processing sensor input, give output to browser

Hello friends,

I am new to JMonkeyEngine and to Game programming as well. I am working on a game in which the user has an Android phone in hand and moves the cellphone around. This movement is then captured by sensors and in-turn by an app which is running. The sensor-data is then transmitted to our server, running a webapp(already completed till here).

Now comes the difficult part. For a prototype, I am looking for programming a Pacman game, which the user will see in browser, and the movements for Pacman will be co-ordinated by an app on Android phone. Is it possible with JMOnkey creating a game which the user can see in browser, and then the movement is updated by hand moving in android… Also, can I run an instance of JMonkey on server, in headless mode, which will process the sensor data and calculate things like where should the Pacman go now based upon input received and update the browser UI to represent the latest position of Pacman.

For this, I would require some game-engine running on server-side is what I presume. But unfortunately, I am new to game-programming and not that much idea how to proceed with this problem. As I have never worked on game-programming, any and all suggestions for this are welcome. Thank you. :smile: