Running on a small sphere world, what's the best solution?


I’m starting a project that I will work on the spring of 2013. It’s mainly for android but I will probably make it to desktop aswell.

The idea is anyway that you play fps on a world. Literary a world, a very small world tho.

You will be able to throw a tomahawk forward and make it fly around the whole world and hit you in the back :stuck_out_tongue:

It looks something like this atm:

Anyways, the movement is the problem.

I am not sure on how to do it…

I am quite sure that I should rotate the world and not try to move the player at all.

But should I have a static world that I set the rotation on? Or should I set the world to be non-static and put some rotation velocity to make the character “move forward” ?

All ideas are accepted.

Very interested in CPU cheap solutions :slight_smile:

I am using jme3 to make this game.

I would say have a static world and make the character move. That’s the standard way of doing things for non-huge environments, and I imagine it’ll be easier. You can add a custom control to handle gravity.

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You will need adjustable gravity for everyone else anyway so I agree with kd12.

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Okej. But is box or a sphere, as collision, the CPU cheapest solution?

@Addez said:
Okej. But is box or a sphere, as collision, the CPU cheapest solution?

Generally, sphere collisions are the single simplest collisions to calculate. It may be a bit different with two AAB boxes versus a sphere and an AAB box.

But sphere and sphere collision is just a distance check. Everything else is more complicated.
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Okaj. Thanks all for your input :slight_smile: