Running on jMonkeyEngine 3.0.0 Beta

Well, its not exactly a problem, but here its written jMonkeyEngine 3.0.0 Beta, and beta isn’t out yet…

Its the nightly version you have installed, its the code that is destined to become beta :roll:



Is there any (new)projected date for jME 3 Beta?

The projected date is … when I am not tired I can take a look at the canvas issue again and if LWJGL team didn’t fix it like they said they did then we make a pbuffer based canvas and then release jME3 beta1 with that.




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BUT I LIKE IT!!! :slight_smile:

seyv-jamaicantux-2448.png (image)

superstar-zombie-tux-1963.png (image)

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Hehe, I’m gonna use one of these for the release post to blame the delay on linux :wink:

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use the first one :slight_smile: