Ruth Kusterer 'Zathras' is our core document writer

We are thrilled to announce that Ruth Kusterer, known as 'Zathras' on our forum, has joined the jMonkey team as a document writer. Ruth has dedicated countless hours updating old documentation, rewriting pages and added many new ones. In cooperation with other helpful members she completely restructured our wiki's landing page, which now provides a complete top-to-bottom ride for newcomers. She has also been at the forefront of GSoC preparations

Ruth is a NetBeans documenter by profession. Her high standards and affiliate network makes her a unique asset to the team. Along side general documentation advancements, her presence is sure to have a positive effect on Normen's GDE project, based on the NetBeans Platform. With a dedicated doc expert on board, the jMonkey Team is certainly shaping up to be quite the broad-spectrum powerhouse.