S3TC and question about Image


I’ve just started playing with jME (been interested in trying it for a while, but never had the time). As there was no DDS importer for S3TC compressed textures, I’ve written one (and at the same time put in code for S3TC compressed textures). I posted in the user code forum, but haven’t had much interest…


The other thing I saw while browsing the CVS code is that images aren’t cleaned up when they’ve been finished with (i.e. the texture has been sent to OpenGL with a glTexture2D call) - is this by design, or should there be some way (turned on by default?) to make textures set their image field to null when it is no longer needed?

Sorry I didn’t reply, this actually interests me a bit (blog mentioned it), I’m just trying to come up with the policy for adding “enhancements” versus “features”. This will be going in though, after a bit of testing and stuff. How and when is the question.

Thanks for the work!