Saludos a todos

Hello every body, I'm a new member in this site, and I want to be helpful for every one, also I'm sure I'll learn every day with this comunity.

I'm a student from Colombia, my knowledge is basic in the 3D technology, but I'd work with java for 3 years, so I hope learn quickly.

Just yesterday i found this page and I fall in love inmediatly, I was reading the JME2 tutorials, and si really easy to understand, congratulations to the team, just am reading the jME2 - Flag Rush Tutorial Series, but it just go to the 10 cap, I wanna know if it will be complete, I saw wich it was updated at 2005 in the Mojomonkey's version, but the ArShadow's revision is recently, so, are you working in it now? (just curiosity).

So, good bye.

hiya, i think no one is currently working on extending the flagrush tutorial series.