Does anyone know if sampler3d functionality is enabled yet?

It makes a whole range of interesting shader manipuations possible…



what do you mean by enabled?

does it work.

Any questions regarding specific GLSL syntax working in jME is really a card vendor driver issue…  we don't parse the program or anything like that.


er…I think I have to disagree that it is a card vendor issue…now you are sounding like M$;)

Sampler3d is simply 3d texture functionality and should be standard functionality to access for all shaders.

If you are asking if you can set up a 3 dimensional texture for access via GLSL, then no…

my bad…long night and my brains a bit fuzzy.

Meant Texture3d. Last time I looked (being lazy here and thought I'd just ask before I hunted back through my folders) Texture3d was not available within Jme via GLSL?

thanks for the help,


3 dimensional textures are not available in jME at all, so yeah, you can't use them in glsl unless you circumvent jME yourself somehow.

However, looking at some OpenGL docs, a Texture3D isn't that much different from a normal texture. You should be able to hack this into jME if you really need it.

mmmm…possibly, but my point is that Jme should really support this natively.

Texture3d is used by a number of advanced shaders and Jme should really support the base shader functionality at a minimum if it really is serious about shader support…imo.

Thankfully we are open for user contributed hacks 24 hours a day.  :smiley:

I don't really know enough about shaders to integrate this myself. But as far as I can see you set it up pretty much the same as a normal texture, so you can probably integrate it into com.jme.image.Image/Texture and (LWJGL)TextureState pretty smoothly. As far as I see there's an extra parameter (depth) and some extra clamp modes. If you don't need to use some kind of loader for this, then it shouldn't be too much work.

one idea could be to do as xith and have texture as an abstract baseclass, and extend with texture2d, texture3d, texturecube etc…