SandBox (Happy Birthday)

Today is my first birthday!

A year ago I joined your community and I don’t regret it :wink:

For this purpose I wanted to make the community a present, but I didn’t finished it in time.

Therefore I will show you today a screenshot. I think in two weeks I will have finished “Sandbox”.

Sandbox is a map editor for everyone, and I mean everyone!

The interface is similar to other well known editors and therefore even “noobs” should be able to create a map without any knowledge. Sandbox supports only the most important functions, BUT(!!!) Screen Monitor and Screen Worker  will be included, therefore everything that goes beyond editing the map, will be managed with the two tools.

The only thing I need to think about is how to save the map.

Momoko_Fan allowed me to use his terrain solution (see Radakan)

ncomp will help me with the tuning as soon as I finished Sandbox to allow best performance with Screen Worker

Sandbox is only a graphic interface which combines the functions of other great developers, but I hope to offer an easy solution for creating maps and implementing it inside a project.

I plan to release Sandbox as GPL license and opensource, while the SandboxMapDECOMPILER is an extern class which operates with BSD, but never the less OPEN SOURCE.

I like this solution, because this way everyone can use Sandbox the way he like (hope nobody has a proble with this solution).

Any good ideas how to save a map are welcome. Don’t forget, it would’t be bad, of someone other than you can edit the map and can use the resource inside the map!


Looks good so far.  :slight_smile:

Remember that WorldTool was made to edit virtually infinite worlds, so that part might confuse you. Try to update your WorldTool version, as the new one might be simpler to understand. Also if you have any questions you can always contact me through MSN, Email or PM.

I noticed that you used some of the WorldTool icons, that's okay, but remember that all content in the Radakan project is released under the CC-BY-SA license (it's specified in the GoogleCode page) so that means you have to 1. Give credit to bb0x (aka Fatih Gurdal) who made them. And 2. You have to release them under the same license.

Wow… if every user gave that to the project after one year…!

Also happy 100th post!

congrats…same birthday as my brother so i won't forget next year :slight_smile:

really looking forward to this release…

I would love to test this. Any link available for an install/zip?

It's still under construction, but as soon as I finished a working version I will make it accessible.

Last week I was ill therefore it will take some time.

could I perhaps get sources so I could study it and implement it into my own terrain system?

You are welcome and the code is already released (–>User Code)^^


Source LINK:

You have to delete "import game.bin.effects.Effect_Fire;"

Somewhere I forgot it to delete.

If you need anything or want something fixed, I will gladly help.