Satus and NCSoft

duenez said:

(Oh, and BTW... I do agree that the extras should still be there, because are some things people might wonder about, even if they shouldn't, in principle, belong to the core engine)

Thats a good point.  I also love the ripple generator.
renanse said:

The good news is that some of these are already addressed in the current 2.0 beta code (more image formats for example)

Is there any chance that the missing image formats (specifically ALPHA8) might be backported to jME 1?

Last time I checked all the current lineup of the nVidia video cards do not support ALPHA8… You should probably do some research on that to make sure it's actualy supported by the hardware.

I updated the todo list with some more stuff, also organized it a bit.


I updated the todo list a bit, sorted some entries by importance in their category, also crossed out some entries with a reason specified.

If there are any issues please post, I would prefer if this could turn into the official jme2.0 todo list as it gives the community some idea of what's coming :slight_smile: Don't hesitate to delete any entries if you find them unreasonable/useless.

I was just wondering… is NCSoft using Java for their game development? Or C++ like any other company?

NCsoft has many development teams on many projects. It varies.