Savable Bug found


I have a Savable which has an array of Savables and this Savables have and array of Savables and then this Savables contain an 2d array of integers. The problem is that Binary and XML exporter/importer fails to save and load this data.

The generated XML file looks okay but there is a bug in loading 2D Arrays:

“String array contains wrong element count. Specified size 256, data contains 0”

When I try to load the binary file in one array all savable elements are null…

Now I changed the first Savable array with an ArrayList and the binary save/load works.

(Dunno if this is the right forum but I dont want to create a google account and the forum link in the wiki is broken)

Would you mind posting a diff of your changes for review?

Tested a little bit, you need to change in

[java]NodeList nodes = currentElem.getChildNodes();[/java]


[java]NodeList nodes = tmpEl.getChildNodes();[/java]

This should fix the bugg for all Array2D methods.

What about the binary import/export?