Save a scene

Hello, again a noob question: I build my level at runtime in memory. Is there an easy way to get everything (meshes, textures, skybox…) saved, in order to be able to modify it in MonkeyWorld? Is there an example showing how to do this?

You can easily save and load it in your app with the JMEExporter and JMEImporter. But I think you won't get those into MonkeyWorld3D. I think it is even impossible right now to import any scene in there. But the authors should answer this…


As irrisor said, you can easly save the scene you created with the new JMEExporter/Importer, but you will not be able to import those into MonkeyWorld3D yet !; also as irrisor said, the import facility is not working for now in MonkeyWorld3D version 2. We will be trying to make this facility working.

Thanks for the patience.