Save/Load Text3D

I found out that Text3D cannot be saved/loaded with BinaryExporter/BinaryImporter, so I would like to know if anyone has any interest in writing support for this?

actually whre si the sense? If you really want to safe it, jsut create a propertyobject, holding the text, font ,font size ect, and regenerate the text3d when needed from it.

The sense is, that currently you cannot simply just save your rootNode to file and expect it to be loaded properly. I just thought that there should be support for this (or at least for all the objects which can be attached to nodes tree), because without this, there is no real way to make games or other graphical programs easily (unless you hardcode all the levels/sceneries, which I think is not practical…). I thought that the author of Text3D would be interested in programming this (since he knows this code the best), but I can also try and make this patch, although I probably don't have the rights to commit it.

Ah I see why you want it to be saveable, well just try to limplement ti and post it in the contribution part of the forum, if it works it will be added for sure.