Saving a class, then reloading it next time the game runs?

I know the Savable class is there, but is that what I would use? If so, how would I tell my game to save the class? Where does it save to? How would I load it again? Thanks in advance.

It’s up to you to write the data you wish to save and load it again, like so:


public void write(JmeExporter ex) throws IOException {
    OutputCapsule oc = ex.getCapsule(this);
       * current value
       * id
       * default value to save if current is null
    oc.write(fogColor, "fogColor", ColorRGBA.White.clone());
    oc.write(fogDensity, "fogDensity", 0.7f);
    oc.write(fogStartDistance, "fogStartDistance", 200f);
    oc.write(fogEndDistance, "fogEndDistance", 500f);
    oc.write(excludeSky, "excludeSky", false);

public void read(JmeImporter im) throws IOException {;
    InputCapsule ic = im.getCapsule(this);
    fogColor = (ColorRGBA) ic.readSavable("fogColor", ColorRGBA.White.clone());
       * id
       * default to use if it doesn't find the id
    fogDensity = ic.readFloat("fogDensity", 0.7f);
    fogStartDistance = ic.readFloat("fogStartDistance", 200);
    fogEndDistance = ic.readFloat("fogEndDistance", 500);
    excludeSky = ic.readBoolean("excludeSky", false);


Not really sure how to call this… probably;

and for loading… got me. Everything in my game relies on serializable objects for storing/passing data, so I implemented a more specific way of handling this.

Yes you should use the jme serialization, it also instantiates whole networks of objects again (like the scenegraph in j3o’s).

I just used the SaveGame.class file, and made every class I wanted to save implement Savable. It works perfectly. I’m using this to save customized classes for my game. Here’s how I save and load each class:

When the player’s done editing, it calls:


In the “save()” method, I call:

[java]“Vinex/Lexicon”+Main.getUsername(), “CustomClass”+id, this);[/java]

Which saves it to C:\Users*login*\Vinex\Lexicon*username*\

On load, I call:

[java]customizedClass = (CustomClass)SaveGame.load(“Vinex/Lexicon/”+Main.getUsername(), “CustomClass”+id);[/java]

There’s obviously some checks to make sure it’s not null, and if it is to create and save a new instance, etc. But that’s the basic code for anyone else that has the same problem. It’s easily applicable to any case.