Saving .JME to .XML problem

Hi there,

is there a way to convert my .jME file to a xml file?

I wanted to edit the xml manually but this seems to be not possible.

If I try to use the BinaryToXML class then there comes a header error.

Unable to Header data doesn't match

I am using the BinarytoXml class file with absolute pathes to my jme file and a non exisiting xml file.

I also tried to export my Node manually in my own code but this gives the same result.

The jME file I am trying to load is a converted collada file which holds a textured model.

The file itself can be loaded and shown in jMonkey.

Ohh yeah I nearly forgot, you might ask why I do not use the collada file for editing, this is because I later want to add some more objects to a Node as well as some other stuff.

Hmmm maybe I am asking something awfully stupid, but I do not see where my mistake is  :expressionless:

Thanks so far for readin' this

Ohh yeahh and a nice weekend to you all :wink:


afaik the xml format is a bit outdated and works only the old jme format (JmeBinaryReader/JmeBinaryWriter) which is deprecated in favor of the new one (BinaryImporter/BinaryExporter). that's why you get that exception.

This is quite bad for me.

So there is no way of exporting stuff created with jME into some kind of other format.

Thanks for the quick reply sfera :wink:

i suppose (and only suppose) you could try the path: [new jme format]->[jme scene]->[deprecated jme format]->[xml format]  :expressionless:

what do you need the old xml format for? You won't be able to use it easily in any other tool…

I wanted to have a look at my Nodes and maybe use this information for creating an easy level editor .

But I have another idea of doing so, so I do not need it anymore but an exporter to collada would be nice.

Monkeyworld would definetly benefit from it if they use collada instead of the binary file.

Or you could create a scene or level and make tuning and placement ob objects in blender or Wings this would be cool dreaming

Btw are physic models and Nodes supported by the binary format, I mean can I write a jme file which contains objects of jme-physics ???

Sue said:

Btw are physic models and Nodes supported by the binary format, I mean can I write a jme file which contains objects of jme-physics ????

yes (only jME Physics 2 of course)

Thanks for the answer.

This will be a fine thing to play with.

Bye and a nice weekend to all of you.  :slight_smile:

The best answer is there should be a subclass of JmeExporter and JmeImporter that is XMLExporter and XMLImporter that replaces BinaryToXml. So, if you are feeling ambitious… if not, it will probably be awhile before this is gotten around to. We don't currently have a need for it at work, but might in the future. If I were to start on it right now, I would use the COLLADA spec as a guideline.

Hmm I might try to work on that after my internship,

because it will take some time but it should be no problem and I think some people would like to see this.  :wink: