Saving memory – vertex usage decreased

I have just made a commit today that should reduce the vertex count of the imported model.

The vertex count will be the same as vertex count in blender when the model is smooth and has no texture applied.

If the model is solid or has a generated texture applied then the vertices amount will be at the level before the changes (3 * face_count).

If an image is applied as a texture and UV mapping used, then the vertex count will vary depending on the UV map fragmentation.

The only known bug occurs when a model has bones and its mesh has more than one material. Then the vertices will be displaced strongly. I’m still working on that. But as I have noticed the previous version of the importer was throwing an exception in such case - so we’re one step forward anyway :smiley:

This change was quite large and touched lots of files and functionalities of this importer. I hope it will not break your models much but I’m 100% sure there will be errors.

So please be patient - I’ll do my best to fix them as soon as possible.



This is great! The Blender importer is becoming more useful every day :smiley:

Nice, I’ll test it asap