Scale and BoundBox

I'm has two problem

1 When i'm load 3ds model and try scale it they scale but move object.

  So i't means center of object not in 0,0,0

  Can any say how to set center in jme or 3d studio?

2 When i'm add boundbox (setModelBound(new BoundingBox())) in some angle and location i'm see black screen.

  I'm think it's box. can i'm set it invisible?

Any help will great

  1. yes, center your model in 3d studio to (0,0,0)
  2. have you called updateModelBounds?

@irrisor: he's asking how to center his model in 3d studio  :expressionless:

@necromancer: sorry can't help there. i'm not using 3d studio. but i suppose you can set somewhere in 3d studio the absolute world coordinates of your model. i suppose you'll have to dig a bit trough the help files.

Looking over the artists shoulder, they usually hit the magic "reset xforms" button to move things to (0,0,0). Maybe that's what you need.

thanks's i'm found way to reset coords

but second question still exist.

yes i'm updateBound :frowning:

could you post a code sample?