Scale large mesh with painted texture

I have an issue when trying to import + scale large meshes from Blender → JME while using texture paint (or a 1:1 texture with no scaling). I am able to make use of the Blender texture paint feature, but when the spatial is loaded, it is much smaller than desired, and needs to be scaled up in the code (even when blenders maximum scaling is used). When I scale it up, the painted texture loses its quality and appears low-res. Has anyone had this problem, and if so, what was the solution? (perhaps the solution lies in either blender or JME).

Note: I have previously simply used a tiled texture for very large objects, but that won’t work for these requirements.


Apply scale for you mesh in blender ctrl+a

>apply scale.

Hmm, I tried ctrl + a > Apply Object > Scale to Obdata. I am still having issues with the textures getting stretched out. Is there anything else you need to do other than this command? Are you scaling it up to the max in blender and then doing ctrl +a, or no? (note: I have a particular reason for using blender for terrain in this case instead of terrain editor; I might discuss that in a separate thread).

Here is the mesh scaled x5 in-code(too small, but looks sharp):

Scaled x100 in code (right size, but textures appear low-res i.e. N64 game):

Hmmmm. No way. This is the disadvantage of scaling. Probably if you scale it in blender, the same thing happens. Btw, if you have machine that supports the TerrainEditor of the SDK, it should be better using that.

-Okay, thanks.