Scaling Lemur components

I am using Lemur GUI components for my project and I find that they are made to better fit the 2D mode, with 1-to-1 correspondence between size units and screen pixels made to look good. However, I am also about doing some 3D GUIs within the 3D space, and the default sizes of the GUI elements come to be gigantic. What would be the best recommended way to adjust the whole scaling of the components for 3D?

Depending on the overall chosen 3D scale of the 3D scene, the default size of Lemur components can be either too big or too small, so I’m wondering for the best recommended way to work with this.

Would .setLocalScale() do, or is there anything else to take into consideration with respect to all the layout mechanisms and the intended design?

setLocalScale() on the root container or window or whatever. That’s all you need.

I even use that on my 2D GUIs when the screen resolution is outside of certain expected ranges so that the users can still see all of the GUI elements.

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