Scene composer manipultaion seems semi broken

In latest nightly. the widgets are selectable but when clicking and dragging to translate object it seems drop almost out of sight.

I didn’t have this happening the last time i was in editing a scene.

uh i changed some things but i can reproduce your issue.

do you use blender shortcuts or the move buttons?

linux/osx or windows? btw

Using move with buttons and mouse. most the objects in the scene are around 87.0f up on the y for the terrain in the area. Almost seems like the objects might be snapping to the origin on click. This is also from a previously saved scene file, was doing a little tweaking when I noticed this after updating recently. The objects are also linked into this scene.

OS: winxp

Link here to a video. 15mb. When the object seems to drop out of site is when clicking for a standard manipulation. The rotate and scale seem to be working correctly.

edit: here is the direct link:

Hey Joe, I finally found the time to look into this.

Thanks for your assets it already helped fix a selection issue.

The move problem is due to linked assets I think. I didn’t found exactly what yet, but i’m still searching.

You can move them no problem with the blender move shortcuts though. (g)

Your assets looks good btw, especially the plants with very low poly count! nice work

Thanks for taking a look Nehon!

Glad this project was able to help out with troubleshooting :slight_smile: Hope all the kinks can be worked out eventually in the composer.

It is becoming a very nice editor, and even a way to make different versions of models via the create empty j3o to modify and add geometries together in a single file :slight_smile:

oh lol…i thought i was answering your PM with the last post…then I wondered what happened of it when looking the PM list…and answered you again…

…I should catch some sleep some time…

anyway thanks again.