Scene Composer

I want to know the Scene Composer navigation keys while in the scene composer mode. I have a scene that I would like to navigate using the Scene Composer but I am having difficulty navigating the scene. So I have to resort to loading the scene in JME3 scene graph in order navigate the scene.


There is no fly by cam in the scene composer however you can navigate “around” the camera target :
left click or middle mouse button trigger camera rotation, the same with shift triggers the pan. You can also zoom in and out with the mouse wheel.

Also, if you’re used to them you have similar navigation keys as blender.

Thanks. Could you say what are some of these keys that are similar to blender?

right click to select, middle mouse to rotate, middle mouse + shift to pan, g to grab and move, r to rotate, s to scale, numpad 1 for front view, numpad 3 for left, numpad _ for top view, numpad 5 to switch from perspective to parallel projection…I guess that’s all.