Scene Editor: How to scroll in?


let’s say I have a big terrain opened in the Scene Editor. How I can scroll into the scene? The documentary says that I should use my mouse wheel, but when I try this, the scroll speed gets slower and slower (until it’s around 0). So I guess the mouse wheel isn’t the correct answer - so, what else is it?

Yes it is. The thing is you have an invisible “cursor” that you move around and with the mouse wheel you can zoom into it. Move the cursor by pressing the right mouse button.


thanks for your reply.

Please take a look at this screenshot:
From the current camera position, how can I get a closer look at the position marked with the red dot (and arrow)?

With my right mouse button, I can only move my camera in X and Y direction. Using the mouse wheel, I surely get closer to the point, but I can’t reach it, because the zoom speed approaches 0 way before it (it’s like camera_Z = 1/x where x is the number of wheel “clicks”).

Again, you have a virtual cursor you an move around with the mouse in the plane you look at the cursor. So you could for example rotate the view to a top view and then move the cursor in the direction of the object. Its the same as in blender really.