Scene graph is not properly updated for rendering

And the more I think about it the more sure I am.

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I did a test, fresh install of beta => problem exists

update to latest stable => problem gone

that was on a w7x64 machine,

Since i cannot use auto update on the xp machine, due to network problems there, i did the following:

installed a fresh copy of beta on the W7 pc

inside JMP > Tools > Plugins, i selected all updates(they are selected by default), and then clicked update.

then before JMP restarts to install the updates i went to:

“C:Program Filesjmonkeyplatformjmonkeyplatformupdatedownload” and copied all files (*.nbm + 1 xml file) to usb.

if i now copy those files to the xp machine, same location, it will update to latest stable.

tx alot, and sorry for this, my excuse is that due to beeing unable to autoupdate i didnt try that to begin with.

That’s ok. It wasn’t until I started thinking about the updates I did that I realized they fixed this issue. The old AppStateManager was really fast and loose with when it would call stuff. You could have initialize() called way too late to do anything useful depending on when you attached the state.