Scene Management octrees, portals


I was wondering if jME has support for visibility determination algorithms like octrees and portals out of the box.

I've been checking the sources but I can't seem to find any examples showcasing the feature.

I know jME currently supports outdoor rendering, but from what I've seen it is restricted to terrains.


Well, according to Wiki, this is not implemented yet:  :expressionless:

I see, in my opinion that's one of the "basic" features that an engine should have before all the eye candy like pixels and vertex shader effects. A robust set of scene managers, I know scene managers are application dependent but it's much more useful to have several "base" scene managers that the user can extend according to his needs than having to make them from scratch (especially if you are new to jME). I've seen some scene managers in different threads but they are all scattered, not complete and of course not "official" part of jme sources.

I think that's the only feature that would make jME really "complete".


Thanks for answering.

See this thread lucas g. has implemented an octree.

Better get coding then! :wink:

We're an open source project, so if you manage to make one or fix one so it is 'complete' (or do one from scratch) we'd sure welcome that.

Many people are doing games that don't require them (including, I guess, all of the devs)… but of course once we'd have a good implementation there might be more people doing a game using one…!