Scene Management

Hi All,

I was wondering how basic scene management is accomplished in JMonkey. The app that I am writing is not actually a game, but its a visual real time app, so a game engine works well for it.

I was hoping to have a Splash screen come up while some stuff loaded (listed who created the app etc, and give credit to other researchers working on this project).

After words present a screen sort of like a title screen, you can choose what you want to do, ie, collect data remotely, collect data locally, etc.

On the collect data (either local or remotely) there should be a few windows that slide back and forth. In one window the idea is to have the 3d model of a dog along with buttons one can push that collects data differently, if you click on a thing, or move your mouse enough to the right a video feed should pop up and show the actual test subject (dont worry, the most invasive thing we are doing is giving dogs treats for performing certain tricks).

The idea I had for how best to accomplish this was to have an array of an abstract class called scene that had a bunch of data associated with it (should it draw, where should it draw, should it update, at what fps, etc etc) and loop through those in the main app loop.

I am having tons of issues with this stratedgy, mostly in initializing things and accessing the asset manager etc.

What is the recommended stratedgy for JMonkey? I would like too keep everything as modular and maintainable as possible.



Check the Documentation section of this site, it contains detailed information. Also, please use the troubleshooting forums for these kinds of request.