Scene not Saving? (BUG?)

I encountered a problem with the terrain editor. I started painting textures onto the terrain and after 5 seconds or so, it stopped saving. When I ran the project, I could not see the changes that I had made. The “save” and the “save all” button are greyed out even when I am painting the terrain. The way I got it to save is to add and then remove a layer, then hit the save button.

Is this a bug? Is it a known bug, or am I the only one with this problem. Thanks!

I don’t know if its a bug but you can always force a “change” by just setting for example the cull hint of a spatial in the Properties window, no need to change the terrain or its layers.

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Hmmm… So would changing it to “always” would make it save?

Just change it to “inherit”, that will set it to what it was before but trigger a change.