SceneComposer doesn't create LODs

The title says it all.
If I click create LODs, the GUI opens, I can enter the values but they don’t show up on the right and I can’t save the file (which probably means it didn’t change anything).
I am using the SDK 3.0.

Robbi Blechdose

It seems that the number of vertices on the level 0 changes though.
There was another thread with the same error, just can’t find it right now.

Robbi Blechdose

Perhaps this post?

Have not read the entire thread, but seems it may be what you are looking for.

Yes, that was one of them.
I’ll try it with the ogre exporter at some point, but it’s so much easier to just use the blender importer…

Robbi Blechdose

I guess this question would be for @nehon who wrote the SDK LOD generator interface. Might be he hacked it in a bit causing the SDK to not pick up the changes.

Any help here?
I’m having like ~400 to ~1000 objects in my scene. Not acceptable. And I’m using GeometryBatchFactory.optimize().

Robbi Blechdose

I also had Issues with LODs not being generated at all. The Problem is we took the LOD Generator from Ogre and treat it a bit black-boxish :smiley:
If it works on the command line (like the Thread from 2013 suggested) we should really look into that, because it’s a nice feature.

Isn’t there a way to do it in Blender though? It might have a superior or at least always working algorithm.
@Kaelthas Did you implement a way to import them? Or is there even a way with the Decimate Modifier?

My GTX 750TI (rather old card, granted) only achieves up to ~72 fps now. Sorry for bugging everyone about this, but I really need the LODs.
Does ogre exporter work with the newest blender?
Oh, and is there something I’m doing wrong when I look at a bit of terrain BEHIND which is something rather big and I get ~900 objects?

Robbi Blechdose

I had a problem generating LODs and took me about one week of fiddling and bashing my head against the wall but I finally figured out the problem. You can NOT use a value of 0 on any LOD levels if you are using proportional LODs. I set my level 1 LOD to .1 now instead of 0 and I always get LODs created.

Thanks for the tip.
But it just doesn’t do anything. :frowning:

Rbbo Blechdose