Sceneeditor with .txt/xml export


is there a free scene editor for jme which can export the scene data in a .txt or a xml based file?

If not then how do you guys create scenes for jme and load them into your game?

jME has a way to export all things extending savable (such as all spatials) to an xml or binary file.

Ok, another question, when I load an ogre xml based model into my jME3 scene in the jMPlatform, do I have to convert them into the jME binary file if I want to use it later in my game?

You dont specifically have to but you would not want your users to wait for a conversion process at the beginning of the game. The ogrexml format can only save a fraction of the settings and info needed for a jme3 object and you do not have much control over the tree structure of your model or scene. For example to use normalmaps with a model imported from ogrexml you have to generate tangent information for the model first and then apply the normalmap texture, which is more wait time for your users.

So the workflow of jMP is based around the j3o files, thats why ogrexml files are not exported to the distribution assets jar file by default. Since importing and conversion should be part of the design phase, jMP offers conversion and import tools to work with OgreXML and other formats.



How can I change the location of objects in my scene in the scene editor?

You select them and enter a new location in their properties. You can also move the cursor to some location and move the selected spatial there.

Is there a method to fix the camera so it can’t be rotated/moved?

Also, is there a list of features which do not work yet in the current alpha version? I heard that billboards are broken?