SceneExplorerChildren for plugins cannot be found


Currently i have on some way the need to extends the SDK, so, i decided to use the plugins system but following the wiki i got stuck when trying the exemple since one files can’t be found.
Here his where i am sceneExplorer → Spatial Example → [java]public JmeGeometry(Geometry spatial, SceneExplorerChildren children) {
super(spatial, children);
this.geom = spatial;

The parameter SceneExplorerChildren cannot be resolved, it ask me to create the files… I got the “Nodes API” and “Lookup API” added to the project. Only part of the template using SceneExplorerChildren does not work.

Thank you for the help.

As the wiki says, add the “SDK Core” API too.

it is added in with the “SDK Engine”

No, SceneExplorerChildren is not part of “SDK Engine”.