Scenes in zip files and lighting

I looked around a bit but couldn’t find an answer how do u apply different lighting materials to objects in a .scene contained in zip.

I edited the lightBlow shader a bit and came up with a fairly good looking comic book effect…still needs work, but I am trying so see how it does with levels, I tried experimenting with the town example but adjust that to use j3m apparently kills textures that need to be tiled somehow as in they get stretched across the scene…weirdly all that was changed is the texture refs to j3m in the mesh files something I do successfully with characters

as an aside toon effect I’m working on

Loading files from zip is no different than loading from the class path or anywhere. But you suggest you use custom lighting materials while still using the scene loader instead of j3o files etc. so its probably all in your code…?

nice visuals.

I don’t get what’s your issue though

ok let me be more clear

the jme stock town zip that as you know references the material file in the zip

my adjusted zip (forget the blue tint) textures that seem to require repeating are stretched my example use a mesh file adjusted to use j3m instead of the material file from ogre as I mentioned I do this successfully with characters

sample of j3m

Material LightBlow_1 : assets/MatDefs/LightBlow/LightBlow2.j3md {

MaterialParameters {

UseMaterialColors : false

Specular : 0.0002 0.0002 0.0002 0.0002

DiffuseMap : CasaRosa.jpg

//NormalMap : assets/Models/nin1_shorts2/bar_wench_normals.png

//SpecularMap : assets/Models/nin1_shorts2/bar_wench_green_spec.png

ColorRamp : ramp_hardLight_1.jpg

iblIntensity : 0.0

EmissiveMap : false

Specular_Lighting : true

Spec_A_Nor : true

SpecIntensity : 0.0

Shininess : 0.0

Nor_Inv_Y : true

GlowIntensity : 0.0

RimLighting : 4.2 -1.0 -1.6 -0.95 //2.6


AdditionalRenderState {



Well frankly that model sucks ^^ maybe you can bake the textures as uv map somehow in blender…

@normen said:
Well frankly that model sucks ^^ maybe you can bake the textures as uv map somehow in blender..

yeah I plan on making my own levels just concerned I'll hit upon this problem at that stage

You didnt specify the repeat flag in the J3M

@Momoko_Fan said:
You didnt specify the repeat flag in the J3M

yeah thanks, is there a cheat sheet quick reference list for these flags took me a while to find out what exactly you meant

See J3M manual

@Momoko_Fan said:
See J3M manual

okay thank you