Scientific simulation


I’m looking for arguments, for and against, using jMonkeyEngine for visualization of science / engineering simulations. Some of our requirements include:

  • Visualization of position and attitude of multiple aircraft, missiles, and satellites. State would be calculated by our physics; those values need to be somehow applied to the visualization models;
  • Visualization of sun, moon, stars, planets, based on date and time. Again, our codes do the calculations;
  • Ability to map quantitative data in the 3D display. For example, to map a grid of colors on the surface of the earth. Our physics codes will create the data grids;
  • Visualization of custom model format for spacecraft, missiles, etc. We have OpenGL 1.1 code in C++ for this format already.
  • The ability to integrate JOGL would be very helpful.

    We originally intended to use Java 3D, but it seems to be orphaned and didn’t support JOGL. jME seems to be the best (maybe only) candidate for a Java scene-graph, despite its gaming orientation. We’re currently leaning toward JOGL, but there’s time to change direction if appropriate.

    TIA for any feedback you can offer.

I don’t see any of your functional requirements that couldn’t be done in JME.

For the JOGL part, JME3 is based on LWJGL, and has a opengl 2.0 requirement.

However JME2 has a JOGL renderer that works on ogl1.

Out of curiosity, why do you especially want to use JOGL for your application?