Screen crops after running the app

Hello guys.
I’m starting my journey wit JMonkey.
I’m trying to find answer on my question but I can’t :slight_smile:
I’ve installed the JM3 SDK.
When running my first app(HelloJME3), screen crops to 1/4 of my screen on top left corner.
I’n running Mint sarah.
To quit this I need to open my terminal and type “xrandr --output (resolution)” to back to the original state.
It’s annoying so i look for answer.
The question is what I did not installed or make wrong ?
Thanks in advance.

Are you running it in fullscreen mode?

Yes, I tried on both modes. In windowed after escape the screen crops.
In full, after I click run, the screen crops and I have view like through the key hole in top left corner.
Still I see the figure which I rendered but the view is cut so I need to aim with mouse or WSAD to see it.
I’m using JME sdk 3.0.10.