Screenshot including Nifty GUI

Hi, I am trying to make screenshots from my application. The standard way (PRINT+PASTE) fails, of course.

The ScreenShotAppstate works with two (major) limitations:

-PSSM shadows lighten instead of darkening the scene

-The Nifty image is not rendered onto the screenshot.

Any suggestions, how this can be easily fixed?

See picture:

Using Printscreen + paste works fine here on Win7.

It looks to me like the postFrame in the screenshot app state is not being called when a Nifty screen is up. Is that possible. In my app, when I take a screenshot with a nifty screen up, the image is not created until I dismiss the nifty screen. Is that right?

printscreen + paste works for me as well on windows7.

It works for me. I was able to see filter effects and niftygui in my screenshots.

Perhaps you can post a test case?

I partly solved the problem. Printscreen + paste works fine in window mode but in fullscreen mode, the JME window is transparent.

Thats ok for me, but probably the ScreenShotAppstate needs some rework. Thank you!

I’ll confirm that using print screen in fullscreen can yield weird result. In the last 2 tests I’ve done it seems the content of the screenshot is the last frame that was in windowed mode pasted on a fullscreen black quad, or at least that’s what it looked it.

The scene isn’t rendered on the screen shot. :confused:

Yes, that is a general OpenGL issue.

I did some screenshots with linux Kubuntu. no issues with Nifty.