ScreenshotAppState export png with alpha

I modified ScreenshotAppState to be able to screenshot my custom viewport, everything else remained the same. Since my viewport’s background color is ColorRGBA.BlackNoAlpha, I expected the screenshot to have no background, but on the actual exported png the background is black. Any ideas how to fix that?

Do you use post processors? Because I think they will overwrite everything anyway.

Else note that screenshot app state used to let alpha bleed through to the results but then that was fixed.

Anyway, I will point to my SimArboreal Editor’s atlas generator again… since it renders to an off screen buffer and allows saving the texture with alpha intact.

This is the code that saves the tree atlas:

And it calls methods on this class that is generating the tree atlas:

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There is a problem: For some reason android doesn’t let me create new FrameBuffers… (see Constructing frameBuffers on android throws exception).