Script Blocks- Block Building Game(need some beta testers)

Script Blocks is a block building game that I am creating.

It allows the user to use blocks to build shapes as well as devices.

There are standard blocks (Master, Color, Rotate, Smoke)

Then there are unlimited user created Scripted Blocks that are created using javascript

I need some beta testers and ideas for more blocks if you would like to help please email me at

Its early alpha but you can download the latest build and read more about it on the wiki

or follow my progress blog at

Here is a demo of me creating a quad copter



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Wow, really cool stuff! :smiley: Looks advanced.

Thanks cheatcat

I need some help testing. Do you feel like trying it out?

Script Blocks is

LEGOS + logic game.

If your LEGOS had micro controllers they would be script blocks.

I uploaded Alpha 5 to the Downloads page

Follow the blog

Feed Back is appreciated.

Alpha 8 is ready for use

Get the game in the downloads section of

wow, this is looking really interesting, great work!

I added another video of Meet the Blocks

wow you have really innonative ideas, i hope mythruna adds those blocks it will be cool, imagine all the possibilities that you can do !!! You will be able to create an animated world, instead of a static one. It will be nice to create “nintendo-hard stages” like “I Wanna Be the Guy” with them !!! Or to create randomly generated puzzles in a dungeon.

Very Cool!!!

Thanks for the High Fives @thetoucher, @tralala, @ahoehma

If any of you have time to download it and give me some pointers I would really appreciated it.

Get the game in the downloads section of

it is amazing , really brilliant , keep working