Script suggestions?

I’m looking to use a script system in my game. My knowledge of sripting is realy, realy small. Does any one suggest a good script, i was thinking of Jython, but as I know next to nothing I thought it best to get a opionion.

BeanShell, or better yet - Groovy

Could you tell me more about them?

why not java itself? it can be compiled during runtime

why not java itself?, it can be compiled during runtime?

Nifty, I may end up doing that. But I would still like to get some

suggestions in the mean time. Not one to keep the doors closed.

Wurm uses BeanShell. I’ve played with it as a user and found it to be very cool. From what I hear, it’s quite useful.

BeanShell is more or less just java that can be loaded dynamically.

Groovy ( is much more advanced and has all sorts of weird and wonderfull syntax - and still compiles to bytecode. That said, I have just begun to peak at groovy, so I am not aware of it’s disadvantages.