Scrolling background

I was wondering if there was anyway to do what was done in like Rome Total War or Rise of Nations where they have like a movie playing in the back.  Thanks


Not sure exactly what you're meaning, but I would take a look at BillboardNode or Skybox and see if that will do what you're wanting.


I mean like on the main screen they have buttons for Single Player Multiplayer and the brackground is like a AVI file playing.  I am not talking realtime like half life 2 which takes forever to load to look at it for 2 seconds.

Oh, I gotcha'

You'll probably want to use a Billboard for that…my expertise there is pretty limited and I'm not sure how you would actually project the video on it, but I'm pretty sure a Billboard would be in use if you were able to make it work. :-p


pbuffer maybe? i'll figuer it out no worries and if i can't get it i'll just realtime render it anything in jme seems to get 300fps anyways

There is something on the nehe site for this - there should be a lwjgl sample