SDK and Java 8 code inspection

The problem is about Java 8 code inspection from SDK.
After port codes from IntelliJ IDE to JME SDK I got problems.
Here is some screen shots:
From SDK:
As you can see it’s about Lambda expressions.
No problems with old Java method:
Configuration screen shots:
And of course the project is correctly builds after clean and build.
Note: using Linux version of JME SDK

The SDK uses a NetBeans base that is only compatible with Java 7 syntax and ships with a Java 7 JDK. If you run it with Java 8 (see troubleshooting in the wiki) you can compile your code with Java 8 features however, still you won’t get Java 8 code completion but you can ignore the errors. Note however that Java8 features are not compatible with Android or iOS.

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Thanks for reply.
It’s true I am not using Netbeans for long time, but I believe the Netbeans 8 successfully has Java 8 support, that mean we are using older Netbeans version, correct? It is hard to port JME to Netbeans 8? Also thanks for notice about android and iOS, I was forgot about that…

jME 3.1 will base on NB8 but theres no plans for updating 3.0. Given the limitations for android and iOS I am not sure if its wise at all to use Java 8 for jME.

Does it still stand if I am strictly focusing on desktop deployment?

I generally never found it wise to use the very latest java version for one reason or another.

Except if you have to, like with JFX.
For strictly desktop it wont matter, as 7 is no longer supported there. I strongly recommend to bundle the jvm anyway, just to be save against fucked up user configurations.

I’m not exactly sure if using JavaFX is wise either ^^

[spoiler]Error Nr 1[/spoiler]

mhm, spoilers not working :frowning:

Well, to be honest I commonly using IntelliJ. But about JME and Java 8 my personal opinion is that there is no reason to not support Java 8 in Netbeans (when Netbeans v8+ support it) and Java 8 at all because of mobile devices, it can be case for desktop developers. I think there should be chance for desktop developers to make their code clean, simple and enjoy Java 8