SDK color scheme/theme (javadoc/code completion)

Hi all, I downloaded the new 3.1 Alpha, nice work, loved the dark monkey theme, but I really need something more stable (sound system crashes a lot!), so went back to the stable 3.0 version.
The DarkMonkey.nbm file doesn’t seem to work on 3.0, so I’ve installed “Obsidian” font/colors profile and “Nimbus” look-and-feel. Pretty good match to the dark monkey theme, however the java-doc/code completion pop ups look bad (see screenshot). I’ve been googling for a bit and can’t seem to find where you change the color-scheme for these. Is it possible?

Running on Linux Mint with xfce

What does this mean? We can’t fix problems we don’t know about.

ok, I’ll stick 3.1 back on and get the exact error. I thought it would be an obvious bug that everyone would be getting as it happens most of the time .play() is called to play a sound.

sound issue logged

You can’t change these colors in the setting unfortunately.

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