SDK crashes when running app in fullscreen

I am experiencing random crashes that only occur when I run my game in full screen mode, and are not related to any consistent action in my game. (It happened once while taking a screenshot, other times while just walking around. Sometimes the app will run for 5-10 minutes with no issues and other times it crashes within a minute or two. It has also happened on my largest and smallest scene. But I cannot intentionally reproduce it no matter what I’ve tried, so it appears to be totally random as far as I can tell.)

The SDK and my game both crash at the same time without providing any error messages, so I unfortunately don’t have much more info to provide about the issue.

Has anyone else experienced anything similar?

It’s also been a long time since I tried running my game in fullscreen mode, so I think the last time I used fullscreen mode without this issue was 3.3 or earlier.

Right now I’m using SDK 3.5.2-stable. (I thought I had already upgraded to SDK 3.6 but apparently not, so I will also upgrade and test with the newest version as soon as I can)

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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Does the game crash with fullscreen when it runs in a standalone executable, too?

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I haven’t been able to check yet, my app has had an issue where I cannot build a version to run outside of the SDK because the assets folder is over 4gb. I think I had figured it out when I was using ant but then upgraded to gradle and tried a few things that didn’t work, so I still need to figure that out.

I’ve also upgraded to the newest version of the SDK (3.6), and I haven’t had the crash yet since then. But I’ve only have had time to run the app a handful of times since upgrading, so I’m hoping that fixed it but will post back if it starts occurring again.


Btw, if you still didn’t find a workaround for this, I have built a good CrossPlatform Gradle template with some handy Gradle tasks for desktop application build, it basically packages the assets in jar and adds it to the classpath of the game (the same the SDK could do), you can rip off the android module.

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There is one MAYBE related fix in SDK 3.6. It disables DirectDraw (Dsun.java2d.noddraw=true). This was present in ye olden SDKs, but at some point it dropped (~3.3?). Without this flag, especially NVIDIA based systems had this nasty screen tearing issue that rendered the SDK unusable. It also could cause this. Just a hunch…