SDK Editor Controls not working?

Hello fellow developpers,

I’ve started to develop using jMonkeyEngine in the SDK 3.0, and I’ve noticed that the source code editor doesn’t really work for me. More exactly, the editor controls (especially the arrow keys and the enter key) don’t function at all (i.e. nothing happens upon pressing the key).
This applies to all kinds of source code I’ve tried (Java and XML) and makes developping in the IDE somewhat tedious. I’m running the SDK on Windows 7 in JDK 1.8_45 and JDK 1.8_65, though I’ve experienced the same problem in JDK 1.7_51, both of them are the 64bit editions. I’ve also noticed that the SDK is kind of slow. The computer I’m using is also slow, so that’s probably the reason for this.

I hope you will be able to help me.
Have a nice day!

That’s really strage… Do you have the same issue with a basic netBeans 8 installation?

No, a basic NetBeans 8.1 installation works correctly.

I’ve found out that a log file might be helpful to find errors. I haven’t found anything useful, but maybe it’s helpful for you.

The messages.log.2 is too long to upload it to a pastebin, so I have uploaded it to a file hoster.