SDK: Filing bugs and other issues


having used the SDK for some time now, I found some usability issues and other issues one could improve upon, see for example

How is the current state of the SDK and is it still under active development? And, since the latest fetches from trunk contained no relevant
changes to the SDK’s code base at all, I fear that the tools are currently being somewhat negligated.

I also came across a forum post where you asked for contributors to take over active development of parts of the SDK, however, the thread
drifted off and overall interest seemed to be quite low.

Having examined the SDK for quite a while now, I must say that it is quite a beast, especially the underlying netbeans platform :D,
and the learning curve is rather steep. As such, I would understand that new developers who actively contribute to the SDK are rather hard
to find.

So, would it be in your best interest then, if I continued posting the issues I find to the issue tracker, including patches, and additionally add
a post to this forum for you to get notified?

Or would you like to have it the other way around, first post here and then file the issue?

Forgot to add the following link

Please have a look at this and consider it for inclusion in the SDK.

The widget is not intended to be used outside the current material editor (which is prone to change with coming versions). Posting issues in the tracker for archiving and posting them here for discussion is definitely the way to go, yes.

By the way, I intend to abstract the SDK / Engine layer a bit more so that it will be easier to use generic jME techniques and AppStates to make SDK extensions, without having to handle all the AWT / threading and NetBeans platform specialties. Furthermore there will be a new abstraction layer on the SDK/NetBeans side for scene editors specifically, to simplify making new editor plugins like the TerrainEditor. The basics have been outlined in this thread: