SDK Font creator updated

Hi All,

I’ve just spent a bit of time today fixing some issues that have been bugging me with the SDK font creator. The main changes are:

  1. Not create an entry for glyphs that cannot be rendered
  2. Look at the pixel bounds of an image when allocating space for it to prevent overlaps and prevent wasted space
  3. Allow a character range to be selected (0->256 is default) when creating the font

The results should look around the same as before, although the kerning does seem more aggressive. The main difference though is that the resulting file will be significantly smaller (most of the HeroDex font image files are now 1/4 the size they were!) and you will no longer need to manually add padding to avoid situations such as in ij where part of the j ran into the i. Additionally if you need then you can generate more characters such as generating 0->1000 to support cyrilic (I’ve not tested that characters generated that way actually work in the engine, although there is no reason why they wouldn’t!)

The updated font screen:

Some screens from HeroDex with the new fonts running:


(I just committed the change, so it will appear on next nightly build with any luck).

Awesome. Many have tried, you succeeded :wink:

shhh, that was a long time ago normen :slight_smile:

also, w00p!