Sdk freezing whenever working with terrains or sceneexplorer

System : Ubuntu 15.10 X64 on i7-2600k with Nvidia gtx 960ti, 16gb ram, 512gb SSD

Hello friends,

WHenever I am working on terrains or scene explorer, JME IDE is just freezing or sometimes exiting. What is going wrong? I am adding the entire messages.log here on pastebin.

Can anyone tell me how I can fix this problem as I am unable to work on scenes anymore. After crash, the terrain is also not added, and if I do it all over again, it crashes. Only thing I am able to do right now is add some light.

On that note, if there is any SDK developer here, why are there no tooltips shown for the UI options. I am curious about this given JME sdk has a lot of buttons with different icons and it’s difficult to understand which one is for which, especially for newcomers, if there is no way to know it by hovering the mouse over it. Is this functionality somehow disabled or non-existent in the platform? Thank you.

Which version of sdk do you use?
Edit: In the terrain thread I saw that your sdk seems a little weird…

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Image added. Kindly check. Thank you.

Yep. That’s it. You are using quite old version 3.0
Get the latest version here:

Your project wont work in new version though unless you recreate it (project upgrader is WIP).

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Thanks a lot… :smile: it’s okay, I will recreate the project. No problem. I just downloaded the version last week from jmonkeys site. No issues.

While we are on the subject of terrains, can you tell me how can I add a JPG image in the terrain, which shouldn’t move. Like a goal-post for football to go in. Thank you. :smile:

Jpg image? Like a texture for the floor or what?
Sorry but I don’t really understand your question… :chimpanzee_sad: