SDk gets redrawn / is Flickering

Hi folks,

we will be starting on a (pretty) small 3D project and after having a look at Ogre we found JME3 which seems to be exactly what I was looking for.

So, downloaded SDK, started up jME3 and found the good ole netbeans interface.

Problem is: As soon as I leave the window and get back, open a dialog in netbeans or even a context menu and close it, the complete window gets redrawn result in a flicker.

I am on Mac OS 10.8, Java™ SE Runtime Environment (build 1.7.0_05-b06). My iMac is a core 2 duo 3,4 GHz and 24" with 512 MB of grpahics power.

Any hint on that? I could provide you further information if desired.

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I’ve seen that before on my mac for the beta version (I hope you are using the latest RC-release).

There is another issue you should be aware of, currently LWJGL is not compatible with Java 7 on OSX. The jME SDK works since it has the OpenGL in a frame but there is a problem when you launch your application. Using java 6 works and AFAIK there are people in the LWJGL community working on a fix (actually seems like Mojang is paying someone to fix it).

Yeah, do you have Java7 installed? If yes, open the “Java Settings” and put one of the Apple Java 1.6 implementations on top.

Edit: Actually its amazing the SDK works on java 7 at all cause lwjgl is completely broken on OSX/Java7 atm :slight_smile: Its because we use backbuffers to render the windows.

I will try that. Keep you informed.

Sorry having to tell you, but event with JDK 1.6 it’s flickering.

I explicitly set it in jmonkeyplatform.conf with:


Can I see from within which JDK is actually being used?

Ah, you mean the brief blanking of the windows when the OpenGL window is open and the window state changes? Thats due to the java implementation on OSX, not much to do about that. You can try detaching the OpenGL window (or closing it while you don’t use it) but that might cause other issues.

@fluxo said:
Sorry having to tell you, but event with JDK 1.6 it's flickering.

The flickering seems to be deeper than jME can do anything about (like normen said), however, using Java 6 you can at least run your application :)

Okay, Flickering goes away if I close the openGL window. Currently it’s all working as I expect it to be :slight_smile:

Thanks for the hint!