SDK plugins looking for developers

i might have a look at one of those “easy” ones :P, the font one looks the most appealing to me

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wezrule said:
i might have a look at one of those "easy" ones :P, the font one looks the most appealing to me

Cool, I guess this one might be one of the more gratifying ones actually ;) Tho I think I got some pretty quick'n'dirty code in there.. Feel free to make it better as well ;)
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cool :), ill have a look at it tomorrow and see what i can do

Yo guys, just wanted to hear if theres some progress on some front here, I haven’t heard of any of you since the last post in this thread. I am by no means trying to push anyone its just that we are cleaning up lots of things in the SDK right now, so I’d like to get an overview :wink:

I really ( I mean really ) want to work on one of the easy one(Font one) :stuck_out_tongue: but I need some time to build myself first. :slight_smile:

If someone is working on the texture editor, I have code to make displacement maps out of color maps, and normal maps from displacement maps. Different filters can be plugged in etc.

I would have to clean it up some but I could have it ready in a couple of weeks probably.


Sure, the texture editor has a simple plugin format for such stuff. There is already a simple bump to normal converter in there.

Can i participate in this too? I can assure you the good skills of mine. Well, give me a chance.


I think I give all info in the post.

I could take a look in the Vehicle Creator. I´ve been using JME/JMP for only a few months, but I have 4 years Java experience. “Challenge accepted!” :slight_smile:

What improvement does the plugin need?

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Cool @dvsantons! Theres a lot to do I guess… It could be much more convenient and error-proof… I guess making a vehicle with it from a model will give you the best insight.

Ok @normen. I’ll model a vehicle in Blender, import it, and see what happens.

You can use the buggy or the ferrari models in JME3 test data

This plugin is just for vehicles with wheels?

Its for the ray cast vehicle… In theory you can also do hovercraft and other vehicle types with it… But basically its made for cars yeah.

Nice. I’m making some tests now. Next, I’ll create another forum topic, so we can discuss about this plugin there.

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As promissed:

Better late than never I guess, but I’m having a problem with that:

@normen said:
building the contained freeform project once (!) and then opening the "sdk" project inside the freeform project. .

Where and what name is that free-form project? Has it been removed since the original post?

I tried adding a New Project -> Java Free-Form Project, but the IDE complains that the project folder is already a NetBeans project so I guess this isn't the way to do it.

I wanted to work on the GLSL Editor and the Texture editor btw.


its in trunk/, just check out that and open it.

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i’ll do that font thingy 1 day normen :stuck_out_tongue:

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