SDK Released for v3.2

You expect people that cannot download a torrent to program videogames?

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Just have a look at the Forums. Most dont have any programming Experience yet, however i guess we all had that dream back then


The young generation grew up with smart phones, they download apps from AppStore. Some of my students even have no idea about how to copy and paste a file on PC. About 1/3 of them never use PC before studying Java. :chimpanzee_lobotized:


Don’t laugh to hard at me but has anyone ever approached Oracle?


Don’t laugh to hard at me but has anyone ever approached Oracle?

I think it’s worth a try.

I think jME is a good promotion for Oracle/Java.


How many other Java open source projects does Oracle host huge binaries for?

…I thought the number would be around 0.

After 9 hours, I‘m nearly get it!!

The problem is that Oracle would be a special sponsorship deal again and when oracle decides to quit that we’re still stuck again. I’d rather pay a small webspace for that, I guess.

Not to speak of possible legal obligations which might occur (Think: Oracle Monkey Engine 4) :smiley:


How about talking to DigitalOcean?

I have found the following discussion at DO’s forum,


[quote=, post:1, topic:38237, full:true"]We work with a lot of non-profits, educational institutions and open source projects. Please drop us an email at with the details and we’ll do what we can to help.

A new release of the SDK arrived on Friday: v3.2.3-stable-sdk1!

I’ve tested it with 64-bit Windows and Linux, and it seems to work fine. Would someone please confirm that it works with OS X?


Hi there,

I have just downloaded JMonkey v3.2.4-stable-sdk1 ( from Release v3.2.4-stable-sdk1: Fix Issue that version determination got confused when a commit had t… · jMonkeyEngine/sdk · GitHub. However, I notice that the title bar has “v3.2.3” on it.


Thank you.

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Perhaps you already had a v3.2.3 installation and the v3.2.4 installation failed for some reason?

This issue happens on both laptop and PC using Linux Mint 19.1. I tried the following steps, but they did not work.

  1. Uninstalled the prior version of JMonkey by navigating to /home/erick/jmonkeyplatform and execute
  2. Removed the folder /home/erick/jmonkeyplatform, afterward.
  3. Deleted the hidden folder /home/erick/.jmonkeyplatform and /home/erick/.jmonkeyplatform-installer.
  4. Rebooted the system.
  5. Executed /home/erick/Downloads/

I still see the prior version of JMonkey.

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I can confirm this. (And I used 3.2.2 before). The title bar says: “v3.2.3-stable-sdk2”

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Interesting, I tried to follow what travis did and:
here and here it used the Engine Version 3.2.4, however here it went nuts.

I COULD imagine this is happening, because this commit has two tags and the configure script just picks the first one. That would mean it’s just a display error for that matter.
I will look into that specifically.


Should now be fixed.

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The new v3.2.4-stable-sdk1 works for me, both on 64-bit Windows 7 and 64-bit Linux.

Be sure to install the new version (commit hash 3870a37) not the old one with the same name but a different commit hash.

I’m afraid the new 3.2.4 SDK doesn’t seem to be working for me. Whenever I try running a project with it, I get the following output:

Cancelled by user.
BUILD FAILED (total time: 7 seconds)

This happens with both the 64-bit and 32-bit Windows versions.

I can reproduce this by creating a new BasicGame project, or even a plain old “Java Application” project, with the New Project wizard, but it also happens if I open and run my existing projects. Also, if I take the BasicGame project that I created in 3.2.4, and open it with the 3.2.2 SDK, it runs absolutely fine.

This seems to be a problem that Netbeans users have encountered in the past, and the workaround has been to turn off Compile on Save, and if I do that, it fixes it for me too, however, I quite like Compile on Save, and would like to leave it switched on.

Does anyone else get this? Note that 3.2.2 works absolutely fine for me.